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Yoga Teacher Training Diary: Learn the rules, break the rules

Another weekend, another guest lecturer on our teacher training course – this weekend we spent two days in the company of Brian Campbell, a world renowned Forrest yoga teacher and bodyworker. Brian’s background in Forrest yoga means that his classes are intense, all about the abdominals and structured differently to most other schools of yoga. Hours of Bikram yoga seem… Read more →

Yoga Teacher Training Diary: Where I End, and You Begin

It’s just as well that last weekend’s restorative yoga and pranayama workshops were about coming into the physical body and into the breath, because this weekend, I lost all sense of self. Or gained all sense of self. I’m just not sure. Led by Dr Zoran Josipovic, our sessions this weekend focussed on the neuroscience of meditation. Doesn’t seem like… Read more →

Restorative Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training Diary: Teach me to Breathe

This weekend’s teacher training course could not have been better timed. After the previous few weeks of never-ending inversions and intense hot practices, the 18 of us on my course have been mentally and physically broken on all levels. We’ve cried and crunched our backs and popped our knees and cried some more. Therefore, it was with an almost delirious… Read more →