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Running kit for grey days

Sunday Runday: Bright young thing

This week’s long run was really long – a full 18.5 miles, on a seriously grey-looking Sunday lunchtime. It was threatening to rain, the air felt heavy and damp. The sky was the more or less the same colour as the pavement which I gave a good kicking for a full 2 hours and 40 minutes. Before I set off,… Read more →

Oversharers, Unite.

There’s a word I keep hearing, a word used to describe my friends, women on TV, the women I work with. A word frequently used to describe me. Overshare. I overshare. We all overshare, we are becoming oversharers. It seems to me that 21st century women suddenly seem to share too much, much too fast. If you’re wondering what an… Read more →