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Running kit for grey days

Sunday Runday: Bright young thing

This week’s long run was really long – a full 18.5 miles, on a seriously grey-looking Sunday lunchtime. It was threatening to rain, the air felt heavy and damp. The sky was the more or less the same colour as the pavement which I gave a good kicking for a full 2 hours and 40 minutes. Before I set off,… Read more →

Hotter Heroes

Online Dating: A Mindgames Minefield

So, do you remember when I said I wasn’t a fan of Online Dating? When I said I thought it was unnatural, and a bit weird and really – if anything – a bit dully predictable? When I said I definitely wasn’t going to try it? Well, I lied. I set up a profile on a well known and pretty… Read more →


WARNING: Sparks May Fly.

Let’s talk about Tinder. I have a general aversion to online dating. I have friends who do it, and have been on some pretty good dates. I’ve also got friends who do it and have been on awful dates. My main reason for not being a fan of online dating is that I believe it takes all the fun out… Read more →