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There's more than one type of triangle...

Yoga Teacher Training Diary: Learn the rules, break the rules

Another weekend, another guest lecturer on our teacher training course – this weekend we spent two days in the company of Brian Campbell, a world renowned Forrest yoga teacher and bodyworker. Brian’s background in Forrest yoga means that his classes are intense, all about the abdominals and structured differently to most other schools of yoga. Hours of Bikram yoga seem… Read more →

Manchester Marathon Finish line

Sunday Runday: ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon 2015

So, I don’t know if anybody had noticed, but I was planning to run a marathon. That was kind of what brought me back to writing these blog posts – and also, a few weeks ago, what sent me away again. Sometimes I even bore myself, talking about running. Sometimes I really feel like blogging and sometimes I don’t. When… Read more →

Running kit for grey days

Sunday Runday: Bright young thing

This week’s long run was really long – a full 18.5 miles, on a seriously grey-looking Sunday lunchtime. It was threatening to rain, the air felt heavy and damp. The sky was the more or less the same colour as the pavement which I gave a good kicking for a full 2 hours and 40 minutes. Before I set off,… Read more →